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Royal Iberian Lusitanos

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Welcome to the Royal Iberian Lusitanos home page.
Breeders of Pureblood Lusitano Horses.

The Lusitano horse is one of the oldest breeds of horses known to mankind. It is native to the Iberia peninsula, better known as Portugal and Spain. The Lusitano horse has been domesticated and used as a riding horse for about 5,000 years. In the middle ages the Lusitano horse (then known as the Iberian horse) was the ultimate war horse, and in time of peace, was used for bullfighting, trained to highschool movements of classical horsemanship. Today, the Lusitano horse excels at; dressage, jumping, 3 day eventing and in carriage driving. The Lusitano horse is gentle and easy to train, but very courageous and athletic.


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